Riding the bike with MapMyRide

Well, my backache hasn’t fully healed yet but I can’t wait for weeks long before I get to ride my new hybrid bicycle for the first time (The same darn bicycle that made me hurt my back a while ago). Ignoring my physiotherapist’s strict orders, I decided to ride it last weekend.

I wanted a speedometer mount for my bicycle but I am too cheapskate to buy an proper attachment and can’t be bothered to mount it up, so I went to eBay and bought a mobile phone mount for my Samsung Galaxy S2. After all, a smartphone can do more than just displaying me the speed stats. All I need now is an app and I found this nifty free app called MapMyRide. Not only it has all the basic speedometer and statistics tracking features, it also records my rides/journey/workouts using GPS. Arming with the app, I recorded my first 10 kilometres workout  Here’s my route info.

Of course with that punishing workout without warming up myself, my back hurts again. My physiotherapist is not going to please to hear about this, but it was worth it. : )

P.S Oh, one of its cool features is letting me to capture images with my mobile phone’s built in camera and uploaded along with my route info. But the shots are not rotated when they are shot in portrait mode.