It’s 5 years already?

Well what can I say, I’m moving on to a new organisation. Today marks 5 years (ok ok ok, 4 years and 11 months) of giving away my blood and sweat into this e-learning education provider. If you peeps are reading this, you know it’s true.

It has been a great journey in retrospect; picking or taking over photography and other technical skills, diving into the world of education and e-learning. It was mind blowing and also challenging at times. The most satisfying thing was photography and I do not regret gaining so much insight of capturing these visual elements for an e-learning content. Lenses and gadgets that I could not imagine I have access to and the opportunities to go offsite photoshoot or in a green screen studio; it was very rewarding for personal development.

What about the education/e-learning? Totally engrossing. It was (and still is) a totally new world. I admit I was struggling to grasp the concept of producing multimedia content in the context of a learner, be it a young schooler or a senior individual. At the end of the day the process of producing a complete, universal and engaging learning material still eludes me. In short, an ongoing experience helps and I’m still learning as I’m counting my fifth summer.

So, where do I go from here? By next week, I’m jumping out of my comfort zone and deep into the aggressive world of digital agencies, fighting for customers’ satisfaction and meeting impossible timeframes. Ok, maybe I exaggerate a bit too much but the point is, I’ve not experienced any digital agency work life and like the saying goes, “there is always a first time”.

I’m an advocate of documentation and knowledgebase. To be honest, when I’m leaving this current organisation it is like I’m taking away the entire server with me and render partial of the organisation paralysed.  I have too many fingers in too many pies, metaphorically speaking. Of course I have ill intention of burning any bridges. I won’t lift my middle finger and walk out the door along with the knowledge. Having said that, for years I’ve been preparing for my organisation should this day would come. Documentations, documentations and more documentations. So much stuff, so little time.

Aaaannnyways, the final day is at hand. There’s a farewell party/lunch today with everyone. Plenty of opportunity to say my goodbyes and am looking forward to my new challenge.

Wish me luck!

Bad traffic gives you thoughts!

I’m starting to dislike long distant commuting to work by car these days. It is not the horrible traffic nor the rude drivers nor the blasted passing trains/trams that hogged the streets. It’s just that I can’t do anything else but looking straight, drive diligently and avoid uncouth road bullies cutting in suddenly. The longer it takes me to get to work, more time is “invested” into thoughts (daydreaming sometimes). I tend to start to think about a lot of unnecessary things. Things needed to fix. Procrastinated tasks. Miserable stuff. Dumb office peeps. Worrisome thoughts. Murderous intents. Things that triggers my anger (not a good thing to happen early in the morning). Most of the time, it just spoils my day and I become unproductive.

I really missed commuting to work via public transportations. At least I can fiddle with my mp3 players or my mobile phone or my portable console; in other words, total distraction. No worries all the way to work.

But thank god it’s Friday today. At least I can leave my mind to rest on the weekend but the following Monday is another story.