Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism

Yay, Zun has announced (quietly) that Touhou 11 is in progress!




“With the spouting of geysers, the spirits of the Earth emerge. Reimu and Marisa are fine with it, but the youkai can’t allow this. Sluggishly, they go underground, to the source of the disturbance. Sealed deep within the earth are youkai with a detestable ability… what will the pair do this time?”









Another whacky Flash from IOSYS. Usa..usa…usa…usa!



(USA x27) (USA~)
"Hey, why don't we have a PoFV match, PoFV?"
"Oh all right."
"I'll tell you that I'm really strong though."
"Really strong I am."
"Since I have a sempai who's
number 5 in Japan."
"I have a sempai who's number 5 at PoFV."
"All right let's play."
"So what are we going to make a bet at?"
"Money? Oh... all right..."
"A meal? Fine, a meal."

"Then, Raamen Large Size then"
"with extra rost pork toppings"
"extra, extra!"
"I should restrain myself"
"Restrain myself..."
"So, I'll be using Tewi."
"So, you don't use Tewi."
"I'm going to be using Tewi."
"Hey, I told you not to use Tewi."
"You should use Cirno."
"You like Cirno, right?"
"So, don't use Tewi."
"Hey, I told you not to use Tewi!"
(TEI x63 TE~I)

Mischievous rabbit.
Bad girl rabbit.
Ill minded rabbit.
It's the rabbit of happiness.
(USA x28)

Going Touhou (>’ ‘)>

These days I’m sooo addicted to Doujin and Touhou Project inspired music. Usually, they are very synthetically synthesized (loved the pun) and filled with digital sampling. Probably not a professional, grade A+ or top-of-the-chart rated composers to the ears of an average Joe, these underdogs are still able to deliver the cool beat that soothe my daily-needed doses of music.

Silver Forest


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Title : 御柱の墓場 〜 Grave of Being
Artist : Silver Forest
Album : 東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith