When Quality control screening a must

One of many reasons that before any product release regardless it is an app or an ad or a website, it must be screened through by a QC/QA (that’s Quality Control / Quality Assurance for the uninitiated) team. It may look trivial for small projects  but  making it a practice to run through a QC/QA will save heaps in the near future. You do not need to gather a bunch of experts to be in a QC team. Just grab an ordinary Joe or your colleague sitting next/behind you and ask for their thoughts. Their inputs are invaluable I must say.

Management sometimes thinks it’s an extra cost in the production budget but it won’t hurt if you invest a teeny weeny of time into it. Simple problems can be easily fixed  in a jiffy but horrible ones can bring down the image and reputation of an organisation. Or being made fun of.

A good example is this Target ad in facebook. At this point of blogging, they have yet to fix it. Can you spot the little hiccup?

No? Yes? The main male in the ad has three arms.