Street photography – the first attempt

Inspired from the street photography videos (this and this), I wanted to try it out myself. So on a sunny Saturday, I headed for a Mid-Autumn Festival at Box Hill to give it a go.

I think I am too timid to take the shots head on and I wasn’t too invasive  enough (not that I want to jump in suddenly like a dodgy person, take a photo and run away) to capture their unprepared reaction. Hopefully I can hone my skills more in this method of photography.



Samsung Galaxy S2 screen capture


This is an interesting discovery. I usually install an app to screen capture my Android mobile or use the app that comes with Cyanogenmod. Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S2 has its own built in screen capture application; hence no need to install additional apps or root it.

All it needs is just the Home button and Power button pressed together and that’s it.

The screenshot is stored in a folder called ScreenCapture

An eBay story: Keeping it fake

I’ve been patronising eBay for years and of all the purchases I’ve made outside the shores of Australia, this particular instance really made my day. After going through all the purchasing process from eBay, I received a confirmation email of my order and later on an item tracking email. Now, the latter is pretty normal to have, depending on the seller but after clicking the link to check on the shipping progress, I was redirected a simple page with a table which contains some simple data. No company logo, no headings but a blank white page.

(Click to enlarge)

Checking the codes reviewed nothing much but a poorly constructed HTML and trying to reach their main site returns an HTTP 403 Forbidden response. Now I do not recall there’s a courier or a shipping facility provider calling themselves ‘’ and judging from the way they present their ‘website’, it is obviously a fake. A fake package-shipping-tracking-site. Not sure why they pull out a half-bake effort into such a site, perhaps they are trying to offer a false sense of security to the buyer?
Good thing I bought an item that has a negligible value from these people. If I don’t receive it within 2 weeks, boy I’m contemplating to give a negative feedback.

A Sleepy Friday

Taking stock photos is part of my job and sometimes it is fun. This time it’s an offsite photoshoot in a kitchen, courtesy of a colleague of mine. While my team is preparing themselves with the recipes and procedures, I took some shots of Raz, my colleague’s quiet pet dog, which is obviously patiently waiting for free treats from our leftovers. And yes, she got her munchies alright.

Live Messenger 2011

Just upgraded my old dinosaur MSN Messenger to Live Messenger 2011. Probably it is a good thing too. Chat dialogue boxes are tabbed now, cutting down my number of windows per contact. Also I can share video links to my contact and automatically embeds it in the chat box. Nice!

A gripe for me is that I can’t minimise the Messenger into the taskbar anymore  like it used to be under Windows 7 but that doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. There is always a workaround method. All you need to do is to run the Messenger in a campatibility mode as Vista (I chose Vista Service Pack 2) and voila, it minimises into the task bar!
[Minimising Messenger to Taskbar]

DSLR tethering with Nikon D90

(Pardon my shot. My Motorola Milestone camera is not something worthy to brag about)

It’s pretty frustrating especially for a newbie like me who do not know how to judge a picture preview via the camera LCD or reading the histogram. So I always ended up realising of bad photo capturing only when I got home, copied to my desktop and viewed on a computer monitor. Precious moments are wasted and there’s nothing I can do.

There is no way a poor employee like me (sad cue coming in…) to afford software like Nikon Camera Control Pro or Mac Aperture 3 to manage my photos live in real time. Like the saying goes, “When there’s a will, there’s a way” and with much perseverence, I found some nifty applications/workaround for free. DIYPhotoBits  has provided a script that lets you tether the DSLR with the laptop via USB cable on Windows. Now I can easily preview my images on a larger screen instead of the camera LCD and manage my shots. And yes, Mac has  an application for tethering too; Sofortbild.

And oooh, I’m so tempted to tether my DSLR with the iPad via this method but it will cost a bit of investment in both hardware and software. More fun times ahead :D

iPad-ing finally

Just got myself a first generation iPad to fiddle around with this week. I’ve been weighing between the first gen iPad and the new iPad 2 for a while. Why would I choose the former. Probably the first excuse was affordability, which I’ve saved $190 if I chose a refurbished first generation. Either way, I’m giving Steve Jobs more money

Secondly, jail breaking was part of my first priority. Again, iPad 2 is not breakable as of now so it’s a dead weight for me if I chose to buy it now. And thirdly, the apps and my goal of using the iPad does not require the brand new iPad 2’s double camera function nor the raw power of the new processor nor the boasting thinner size.

Having said that, I’ve not fallen to the dark side yet though I’ve tasted a fair share of Apple products (iPhone is not in my wish list, ok). I must say jail breaking an iPad is almost idiot proof. I don’t think anything can go wrong badly, like bricking an Android mobile phone when rooting it.

p.s I’m writing this post via the iOS’s WordPress app. Obviously took a bit of effort to write a long post but I must admit they did a good job with the touch keyboard/pad.